Monday, February 4, 2008

Miserable Monday

Daryl has been feeling a little run down lately. But Saturday night he started to feel really bad and it just got worse all day Sunday. So off to the doctor we went with Daddy today only to find that he has an ear infection, a sinus infection and bronchitis. So needless to say, he's spent all day in bed sleeping. Rather than take a picture of him in all his miserable glory right now, here's a few sleepyhead poses from various family members over the last few weeks.

Wesley snoozin' on the futon in Daddy's office with Mary standing guard.

Wesley snoozin' away on Daddy's lap.

Wesley and Mommy crashed out in the bed
(couldn't even wait to put the sheets back on!)

Wesley crashed on during tummy time on the living room floor.

Parker with a great case of bedhead after a nap!

Parker and Mommy with some snuggle time.

This was from Cousin Sam's last visit. Sam was laying on the futon and Parker brought in the blankets and pillows and cuddled up.

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