Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wesley's 2 month checkup

Wesley continues to grow and grow!!!!

He went for his 2 month checkup on January 28th and Dr. Bain pronounced him to be in good health and growing well. He now weighs 12 pounds 5oz and is 24.25 inches long. But then came the not so nice part of the visit - the dreaded shots. Wesley got 5 different shots and also an oral vaccine. He was a very unhappy little boy for the rest of the evening and needed lots of cuddle time to get over the trauma of the day.

While we don't have a picture of Dr. Bain, here's a picture of Wesley with the doctor who delivered him - Dr. Natalie Leibensperger. This was taken at one of Mommy's recent checkups.

**UPDATE: Daddy is doing slightly better today. He had lots of time to recuperate with Parker at school and Wesley with Mommy at work.

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