Monday, March 31, 2008

A Crazy, Hectic Life

It's been another crazy, hectic day in the Allen household.

Daddy... finally finished his board paperwork (YEAH!!!!!) and submitted the rest of it by email tonight. But he's also come down with either a bad cold or the flu and is just absolutely miserable. Thankfully this is his spring break from school so he doesn't have to drive to Orlando tomorrow and can spend lots of time resting and recuperating this week. We figure his immune system is down from lack of sleep, since he's been doing a lot of staying up until 3am trying to get this board paperwork done.

Parker... woke up still not feeling well and complaining of ear pain and sore throat. So we called the doctor and changed his 4 year well appointment for this afternoon to a sick visit. Bad news is he has another ear infection and the start of either a bad cold or the flu like Daddy. But we've moved onto a second tier antibiotic Zithromax since he's already had two rounds of Omnicef for his ears in the last 6 weeks. This poor child wants so badly to feel better. He missed Karate tonight (for the first time since he started 7 months ago) and he wants to go to school and have Aydenn over to play.

Wesley... had his four month well appointment today and checked out great. He weighed in at 15lbs, 6oz and measured 27 inches long. The boys were essentially the same height and weight at birth and when we looked back to compare stats tonight we discovered that Wesley weighs 1lb 4oz less than Parker did at this age but is 1/2 inch longer. It would have been an ok day for Wesley except he got another round of vaccinations: 1 oral vaccine and 5 shots in the legs. He's understandably been a little grumpy and high maintenance this evening and needed lots of extra snuggle time.

Mommy... is trying hard to hang in there and take care of all her guys. She goes tomorrow morning to the surgeon, Dr. Martin, to see when she can get this gallbladder taken out. Mommy actually got to meet Dr. Martin last week because he operated on one of her church members and she was sitting waiting with the family when he came out to report. All of the people at church who volunteer at the hospital and surgery center are excited that Mommy has Dr. Martin and say he's wonderful. We'll let you know the details.

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