Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And the Verdict Is....

Mommy definitely needs to have surgery. There is a gallstone blocking the neck of the gallbladder and so things will continue to worsen unless it's taken out. They have worked Mommy into the outpatient surgery center for the laproscopic surgery on Friday morning (not sure on time yet). Dr. Martin told Mommy that all her extended problems with nausea and indigestion during both pregnancies were probably gallbladder related. He feels that the stones developed with Parker and that Wesley really set things off. So not only can Mommy later guilt the boys about labor and delivery but now also can include screwing up her gallbladder. Watch out boys!

Everyone else is doing slightly better today. Two rounds of antibiotics have Parker at that stage where he feels great, but still needs to take it easy. He's finally taking a nap after laying there talking for over an hour. Wesley's also napping in his swing and seems better today. Daddy is able to get up a little bit every now and then and eat a bit today, but still has a horribly sore throat.

You know when you feel sick how you just want to be near everyone else? That was Parker on Sunday night. We came around the corner into the hallway and found him like this.

This way he was closer to Daddy in the office but wouldn't get in trouble for being out of bed. Got to love the way his mind works!

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