Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Daredevil Boy

We have a daredevil living in this house. His name is Parker.
His new favorite game is to take all the cushions from the sofa and loveseat, make a big pile on the floor and then jump off the arm of the loveseat into the pile. He must have done this about 30 times until he was sweaty and red in the face. He got so good later last night that he was jumping sideways and then even backwards!!!!!

For those who are thinking, "why do they let him do this?" we feel it's considerably safer jumping onto the pillows than some of the other things involving heights we've caught him doing that are NOT allowed and he has gotten in trouble for - like scaling the kitchen cabinets, climbing up his dresser drawers to jump into his bunkbed, jumping off the changing table.

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