Friday, March 28, 2008

A Friday Recap

Well it's been another busy week here at the Allen house.

Daddy videotaped his sermon at church on Thursday for his board paperwork. He has one question to finish up and then he's done: "How do you interpret the statement Jesus Christ is Lord?" Suggestions anyone? So far he's written 71 typed pages, double-spaced with 1 inch margins to answer 31 questions on preaching, personal growth, leadership and theology.

Mommy's been hard at work trying to catch up on everything at home and at church in anticipation of her gallbladder surgery. She goes into the surgeon on Tuesday am and we'll update with details after that. She's been feeling worse lately, even with the diet, and has to take the pain pills often.

Parker's been healthy enough to go to school everyday this week and we have gotten several good reports on his excellent behavior - how well he listens and follows instructions and helps the teacher. Glad to know things at Angels are on the upswing.

Wesley has been working on the sleep thing again. It seems like we go through these phases of a couple of days of good sleep followed by very little nighttime sleep. We've settled in on a new routine that involves a nice dark room, music and his pacifier and it's worked the last two nights. Here's praying it continues. Here's a picture of Wesley taking a little snooze on the carpet (don't ask!). Send lots of good sleep vibes to this little guy please!

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