Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mr. Parker's Puzzles

For Christmas, Parker got a bunch of new fish puzzles - one was a big floor puzzle and the other was a wooden box with four different kinds of fish puzzles inside that you assemble on the box lid. Now he loves fish and he's been putting together different kinds of puzzles for quite a while now. The fish puzzles are more complicated than the others that he has put together in the past though because of the colors and the design of the water and the animals.

A couple of nights ago he got out the big floor fish puzzle to put it together. It's a 48 piece puzzle and he did this all by himself in 15 minutes. We were checking out the requirements for kindergarten readiness the other night online and read that kids should be able to do a simple 5 piece puzzle. We think Parker more than qualifies on this one.

Just for reference, Parker is 42 inches tall. He's not fully stretched out here, but you get an idea of how big this puzzle is!

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