Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to the Dentist

It was back to the dentist today for Parker. Not an emergency this time, thank goodness, but just a regular checkup and cleaning. Last time when he fell and injured his teeth, they did x-rays and looked around in there. He got more x-rays today but received his first official cleaning.

Parker was a little bit more nervous this time about going in so Mommy went back with him. He ended up in the "Superheroes Room" with painted pictures of Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman on the walls. The dental assistant German was great and took the time to explain all the tools that he was going to use and let Parker hold them and touch them and turn things on and off. So by the time things went into his mouth he knew how they worked. Plus when he laid back in the dental chair he could watch the TV that was recessed into the ceiling panel! German changed the channels until Parker found a cartoon he liked to watch. All in all, he did great sitting still and letting them work in his mouth. Then after Dr. Sanjuan took a look at his teeth and said things were fine (just keep up the topical flouride and start flossing), Parker got a balloon, and an incredible goodybag full of treats: new Shrek toothbrush, new Spongebob toothpaste, a pencil, two stickers, floss, and a timer. Plus Parker also received a gold coin to use in their special prize dispenser and got a car tattoo.

About the timer Parker received - it looks like a regular sand hourglass that you would find in with board games. You are supposed to use it for timing how long to brush your teeth. We were a little surprised to find out how long the sand lasts in the timer. So let's all take a little quiz. How long are you supposed to brush your teeth? (answer to follow at end of post after pictures)

a) 30 seconds b) 60 seconds c) 90 seconds d) 120 seconds e) 180 seconds
f) Brush? What's that?

Ok. We've kept you in suspense long enough. The answer to the brushing question is e) 180 seconds or 2.5 minutes! Make sure to brush like you are supposed to or we'll have to get you a timer too!

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