Friday, March 14, 2008

Week in Recap

Daddy.... has been working hard on his schoolwork and all of his Board of Ministry paperwork that is due by April 1st. He still has eight theology questions to answer and his sermon to finish and videotape. We would appreciate lots of prayers as he juggles all of this by the deadline.

Mommy... has been working hard on a special presentation for Good Friday at church called "The Early Christian Meal" where she gets to be Mary Magdalene. Also she went back to the dr this week for her gallbladder and he gave her a referral for a surgeon as it does need to come out. However Mommy called the surgeon today and she can't get in to see him until April 1st, which is when she wanted to have the surgery. Plus her dr doesn't think she'll last that long.

Parker... went to the doctor this week again for a recheck of his ear infection. It's all cleared up so no more antibiotics. However, he does have allergies pretty bad and needs to keep taking the nasal spray. Parker's also gotten bitten twice in two days at Angels this week by the same younger kid. They seem to argue over who gets to ride this one bike on the playground and the little kid bites him to try and win. Thankfully neither bite has broken the skin but he has a two nice sets of teeth marks on his left wrist and inside on his left forearm. He seems unaffected, but it's very aggravating for Mommy and Daddy to know he's being picked on.

Wesley... hasn't been sleeping as well lately through the night and sending the rest of the house into zombie status. We think he's hitting a growth spurt because all the child seems to want to do is eat, eat and eat!!!!! He's also working on rolling over - he can get from his back to his side or from his side to his tummy, but he can't get all the way around yet! And Wesley can also scoot his way around on the floor in a circle using his legs - his head doesn't go anywhere, which is why he's got a huge bald spot in the back of his head!

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