Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wesley Gets a Timeout

Last night Mommy walked out into the living room to discover that Wesley was no longer laying on his back in his boppy on the blanket where she'd left him. He was instead laying on his tummy on the floor about two feet away from the blanket. Parker was sitting nearby on the floor, his back to Wesley, watching tv. Here's how the conversation went....

Mommy: Why is your brother not in the boppy anymore?
Parker: He's in timeout because he was very bad.
Mommy: Timeout? What did he do wrong to get put in timeout?
Parker: I was sitting here on the floor watching TV and he kept kicking me in the back. You're not supposed to kick or punch people. I told him to stop and he didn't so I put him in timeout!

It's so hard not to laugh when Parker is so serious about stuff like that. Wesley didn't look to be any worse for the wear by being moved around and seemed to care less that he was in timeout!

Here's a few random pictures from recently of baby Wesley:

And here we are playing "Where's Wesley?" Parker loaded up the bouncy seat with all of the small toys we have for Wesley insisting that he wanted to play with them. Wesley couldn't move but he patiently sat there with all the stuff and never fussed.

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