Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wesley and His Bumbo Seat

In talking to some people about the new and upcoming thing for babies since Parker was born, everyone mentioned, "You have to get a Bumbo seat!" So we registered for one and also for the tray and received both at the baby shower for Wesley from the church. However this was around the time that the Bumbo was making news for being recalled for a stronger safety label; parents were not reading the label and putting them on tables and counters and their children were being injured when they fell out. But we use the Bumbo seat as intended on the floor to help Wesley learn to sit up. We started this past week and he really seems to like the change of scenery that sitting up in the Bumbo provides. He's already gotten better and stronger at holding himself up and not slumping over to one side or the other.

The tray comes in handy because it helps hold Wesley in the seat better and also gives us a place to put some toys in front of him to play with. Here Parker made sure that Wesley had a book to read. Wesley seems very intent, doesn't he?

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