Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daddy Preaches At Seffner

A couple of weeks ago, Daddy was invited to preach at our home church of Seffner UMC while their Pastor Debbie was away on vacation. Initially, Daddy was going to go to Seffner with the boys on Saturday night, and Mommy would stay in Hudson and preach and then catch up with them in Seffner before everyone headed to Orlando to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. But when Mommy needed surgery, she found someone to cover the pulpit at Hudson so the whole family could travel out to Seffner on Saturday. We were all there then this morning to hear Daddy do a fabulous job at Seffner in leading worship, preaching and serving communion. His sermon was taken from Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43 and was titled: "Wheat or Weeds, Which Are You?"
Daddy was born and raised at Seffner UMC all his life. In addition, this is the church where he and Mommy met, where he received his call to ministry, and where he preached his first sermon (alongside Mommy) on a Scout Sunday many years ago. And today was the first time he has been asked to preach in a worship service since starting seminary. Very fitting for it to take place at Seffner UMC where everything first began.

Granny and Uncle David came out from Tampa and family friends Russ and BJ Herig also joined us. While things at Seffner are of course different from the days when we were growing up there, it was so nice to be back today and see the familiar faces of those who meant so much to us growing up. We're thankful for all the help that Seffner has provided us over the years and glad to be able to give a little back whenever we can. Through their SHORT Fund (Student Help On Religious Training) they have helped with monetary grants towards both Mommy and Daddy's seminary educations.

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