Sunday, April 6, 2008

Post-Surgery Thanks

Thanks so much to the people from church who brought dinner and the basket of goodies with cookies and a puzzle book and to those who called and emailed their concern.

Thanks so much to Grandmommy for sitting with Daddy on Friday and helping with the boys. And thanks to her and Granddaddy for taking Parker home on Friday night so we could get a little extra rest. Parker had fun helping Granddaddy mow the lawn on Saturday. Also big thanks to them for taking such good care of all of us at their house on Saturday night.

Thanks so much to Daddy who singlehandedly packed for a week's trip for four people and then loaded the van by himself all while still trying to practice his sermon for Sunday.

Thanks so much to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Dawn for all their help with the boys on Sunday with Sunday school, church and at Grandmommy's house for lunch.

And thanks to everyone else who prayed for us. Mommy is still very sore and swollen and moving slowly but gradually feeling better as long as she remembers to take her pain pills on time!!! We'll be headed out from Seffner later this evening to spend several days with Grandma and Grandpa at their condo in Orlando. Daddy is excited at the prospect of only having to drive 16 miles one-way to class on Tuesday from the condo instead of 120 miles from home!

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Anonymous said...

Debbie & Daryl,
Thank you so much for your blog. I really enjoy being able to keep up with every one through you. I am also very happy the surgery went as planned. Daryl, I am sorry I was not able to hear you preach on Sunday. I hope to have the chance again soon. Take care of my boys and give them both a hug and kiss from Aunt Jani