Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Many Faces of The Moo

When Wesley was born he had quite the appetite. In passing one time Mommy called him "Munchie Moo" (think Moo Cow) after he guzzled down his liquid meal. Of course, little ears overheard and soon Parker could be heard shouting "Munchie Moo! Munchie Moo!" as he ran through the house and even as he talked to Wesley, "Good morning, Munchie Moo, do you wanna bottle?"

While he still loves to eat like a champ, there are also other sides to the Moo. When he's fussy and won't settle down (especially at night when he and the sandman fight 12 rounds), we like to call him "Grumpy Moo." Here lately he's starting to teethe and he drools on everyone and everything so he's become "Drooling Moo." When he's smiling from ear to ear and laughing at his brother, Wesley is the "Happy Moo." The Moo has many faces and many moods.

Here's the Moo and Bubby (as he calls himself - Parker's self proclaimed title as Big Brother). This was taken last week after Parker came home from school. First thing he did was run in the house to find his brother and love on him. Wesley was laughing and giggling but we were only able to capture a hint of a smile in the pictures.

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