Monday, April 14, 2008

Medical Misery

Well most of today was spent at the doctor's office. Wesley's had a cough off and on for a little while. This weekend it worsened and started disturbing his sleep so Mommy called first thing this morning and got him in at 9:00am. Daddy stayed home with Parker (who was still sleeping) and tried to finish up his Exodus assignment. At the doctor's office, Wesley was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, which is a cold virus that has settled in his lungs, particularly his right lung. He had to have a breathing treatment in the doctor's office and we have to continue those at home 4 times a day for at least the next week. Fortunately we had saved the nebulizer machine they gave us when Parker had a similar problem a couple of years back. Wesley also needs an antibiotic for a few days and had to have a chest X-ray today at the imagine center. He did really well with all of that (even the 90 minute wait time). So well in fact that the x-ray tech couldn't believe our little guy was sick because Wesley kept smiling and cooing at her. He sounds less congested this evening and hasn't coughed near as much. We were scheduled for a one week re-check with him, but after the doctor got the x-ray report we were told to come back to the doctor's tomorrow. So Wesley has another appointment tomorrow afternoon after Mommy's re-check at the surgeon in the morning.

Here's Wesley doing his afternoon breathing treatment with Daddy in the office.
While Mommy and Wesley rested, Daddy took Parker to the doctor later in the afternoon. This was his re-check on his ear infection and his annual 4 year well visit. Ear infection is cleared up and Parker got 4 shots. They also took blood and he had to also give them a urine specimen for the first time. He insisted to Daddy that he didn't need to go potty until Daddy told him he wouldn't be able to get a prize from the doctor's toy chest. That was all the incentive that Parker needed. The doctor and Daddy discussed whether or not Parker has allergies as he is currently on a nasal spray and we've been concerned with how much he's gotten sick this year. The doctor seems to think that Parker's problem isn't allergies but enlarged adenoids that are causing nasal congestion and the ear infection. One big symptom of the enlarged adenoids is Parker's mouth breathing and snoring at night. This can also cause him to not get a deep enough sleep and wake up a lot during the night (like sleep apnea). So Parker needs to have x-rays of his chest and head also, only his have to be done at the hospital sometime this week.

The only good parts of today were dinner and Parker's karate class. One of the members of the church brought us in a meal and so we were able to enjoy pot roast and brownies without having to work at it! Thanks very much to the DeLuca family for that enjoyable meal! Also Parker attended karate tonight after missing two classes because of family illness (him and Mommy). He jumped right back in and did super on all his punches and kicks and even learned how to do a better jumping jack tonight. Sensei Tony had them stand like spaceships (arms above their heads, hands together, legs out) and then stand like soldiers (stand straight, feet together, arms at side). After going back and forth slowly several times, he sped it up and all the kids seemed to finally get the jumping jacks!!!!

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