Friday, April 11, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

We're home! We actually got in late last night. We packed up after one last dinner with my parents at their condo. We figured leaving late we'd miss the traffic, and the boys would be tired and sleep on the nice dark ride home. It almost worked!! Wesley woke up with about 30 minutes to go and was pretty inconsolable the rest of the way home, even with pulling off for a diaper change and a bottle. After being held all week by one grandparent or another, it was clear he was tired of sitting alone and wanted someone to pick him up.

So when we got home, Mommy held Wesley for a while while Parker and Daddy unloaded the car. Parker is such a good helper these days and after unloading the car, helped unpack some of the the suitcases and put a few things away. It was also nice to sleep in our own beds again! The only place Mommy could get comfy at the condo to sleep was propped up on the couch, but last night she was able to prop up in the big bed and get some rest.

Today we've been trying to play catch-up - on the mail, on paying bills, on doing laundry. Plus Daddy's been working on homework for United Methodist Theology and Exodus and Mommy still has a sermon to finish for Sunday. Parker was a big help once again on the laundry. Today he decided to fold the load of kids' clothes (He was more than happy to let Mommy put them away though). Here's what the couch looked like after Parker folded and made his own piles:

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