Thursday, April 10, 2008

Relaxing and Recuperating

Tuesday Mommy felt a lot better so Grandma and Parker and Wesley and Mommy joined Daddy at school for chapel led by Dr. Harper, the seminary vice-president who leads the Orlando Campus. Daddy got to introduce all of us and made sure to mention that Mommy was an Asbury grad and had just passed the boards for ordination. Dr. Harper made mention of that fact too because he was one of the interviewers in Mommy's group. After chapel, Daddy went to his afternoon class and Mommy and Grandma took the boys to the new IKEA store in Orlando. That place is huge and so interesting, like the Disney World of furniture stores!!! Even Parker enjoyed it. Mommy was worn out about half way through though. She also had a couple of spells where she couldn't catch her breath because of her allergies and not being able to really cough yet from her surgery. Mommy also started to lose her voice - been very hoarse and sore from the anesthesia tube.

On Wednesday Mommy's throat was even more sore and her voice almost non-existent. But the other pain from surgery was getting less. In the afternoon, Daddy spent some time studying while Wesley napped and the rest of the gang took Parker to his first movie in the movie theater at nearby Festival Bay Mall. We went to see Nim's Island (it was cute!) and Parker did remarkably better than we thought he would. For the most part he sat still either in his own chair or on Mommy's lap. And he was pretty quiet other than the occasional, "Where's Daddy?" and "Can we leave now?" comments. He did seem to enjoy the huge screen and this movie had lots of water and animals in it which always fascinate him. Later we picked up Daddy and the baby and went back to the mall, to eat at Fuddrucker's. We used to have one in Tampa by USF and Mommy and Daddy loved to eat there, but it's been gone for a while. Then Grandma and Grandpa babysat so Mommy could take Daddy to IKEA and look for something at Downtown Disney.

Not much on pictures this week but here's a few that Parker has taken for us with Mommy's cell phone. Do we have an abstract artist on our hands, perhaps?

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