Saturday, May 3, 2008

Busy Saturday

Our very busy Saturday started off with a trip to Miss Charlene at All American Hair to get haircuts for Mommy and Parker. Parker loves to go here because of the yellow race car that makes noise. With four kids of her own, Miss Charlene is a whiz at cutting hair on a moving target! Here's our handsome boy during and after his cut.

After that it was off to the post office and then Great Clips for Daddy's haircut. Wesley was fussing about being in his carseat today and we realized the straps needed to be adjusted since he's getting taller. Only problem is that the straps were at their highest point! Then we realized his feet were also hanging over the edge; not good in an infant seat. When we checked the manual, we realized that Wesley is taller than the height limit on the infant seat. So we went to WalMart to check out prices - combine sticker shock with a not-so-great selection and we decided to shop elsewhere later. A quick trip by the bank and it was off to church to setup the fellowship hall for the communion class Mommy's teaching the kids tomorrow. Than off to the grocery store, home for lunch and back out to shop for car seats.

We went over to Wesley Chapel to shop at their big Babies R Us store and also the Target. Since the infant seat Wesley was using utilized two snap-in bases for the van and the Malibu, replacing Wesley's current car seat meant buying two more seats so we don't have to constantly be transferring seats between cars. Parker was outgrowing his convertible seat in the van anyway, so we bought Parker a new one for the van (on sale at Target) and put his old one from the van in the Malibu for Wesley and also bought a new one for Wesley for the van (on sale at Babies R Us)! All very confusing but Daddy switched everything all around and installed all the seats tonight when we got home. Somewhere in there we managed to catch dinner at Cracker Barrel with gifts cards leftover from Christmastime.

Here's Wesley in his infant seat for the last time! We used this same seat and bases for Parker, so they have served us well.

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