Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Mommy started off the day by teaching a the kids Sunday school class about what it means to take communion. She had six kids including Parker. They did several activities together including a practice run at taking communion so they could take communion during church today. They were so cute together! We didn't get any pictures during class but some of the other parents took pictures and promised to email them to us. We promise to post when we get them. We did get a picture of Parker's art project though - a tissue paper communion cup and bread. (He helped Mommy tear up all the tissue paper the night before at home).

Later in the afternoon Mommy had a new member class to teach at church. This turned out to be her biggest single members class in the four years she's been here. A dozen people will be joining the church next Sunday to celebrate Pentecost!!!

After that it was time to go back the Blueberry Farm. We met the Reverons there and we all wandered together through the 2 acre u-pick field. Parker had a lot of fun playing in the fields with Aydenn. Even little Emma picked a few berries; but Wesley slept through the whole experience out in the fields. We picked for about an hour (2 pounds for us/3 pounds for the Reverons) and then went down to the main stand to get some water, cool off in the shade, and visit with the Short family. The boys made good use of the toys left by the Short's grandchildren and had fun running around in the dirt and in the woods on the edge of the farm. By the time we went to take Parker home, he was sweaty and covered in dirt from head to toe! We had a couple of old windbreakers in the trunk and used them to line his car seat so as not to get it all filthy. It was straight home from the farm into the bathtub for Parker!

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