Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Fives

Here's a recap of the last few days as we reflect on things this Friday:

1. Parker stayed healthy enough this week to attend school three days. He's enjoying it so much in fact that when Mommy goes to pick him up that we're back to the crying fits about not wanting to leave. Today they made presents for Mother's Day - each child potted a plant. Parker did a great job putting the plant and all the soil in the pot. He did admit to making a mess on the table at school with too much soil, but the end result is great.

2. Daddy's desperately trying to finish up the last of his assignments for the Spring semester, because next Tuesday is his last day of class. For Exodus, he has a book review to finish up (1200 words) as well as one final assignment on a passage from Exodus (3000 words). And for Theology, Daddy has a 300 word reflection to write on a book he just read.

3. Mommy got to go to a Scrapbooking Party at church tonight. Several women at church who love to scrapbook decided it would be fun to pool their supplies and tools and get together to work on their albums. Considering Mommy has tons of scrapbooking supplies but has spent very little time in the last few years able to work on it, she met the girls tonight. It was a lot of fun and Mommy managed to finish 3 scrapbook pages!!!!

4. Wesley seems to be turning into a Mommy's boy. The last couple of days he's been really fussy and uncooperative for Daddy during the day (read screaming and no naps) and then gets all smiley and happy when Mommy and Parker come home. This morning when he woke up at 5:30am (yes we're back to not sleeping through the night), Daddy fed him a bottle and then couldn't get fussy boy to go back to sleep. At 7am Daddy finally woke Mommy up and passed off the boy. She held him and rocked him and in 15 minutes the little guy was down for the count again. But here the guys seem to have resolved their issues and are having fun!

5. No big plans for the weekend except to try and get the laundry done and then head to Seffner to celebrate Mother's Day after church on Sunday.

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