Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The AJ and Me Show

This afternoon we had the opportunity to help out Miss Rael with a school project. She had to do a report on historical figure from the 1880s and she picked President Andrew Johnson. Rael had to create an interview asking him a bunch of questions about his life. She already got an "A" on the written report - what she needed was someone to pretend to be President Johnson and get the interview on tape. So today Mommy became the camerawoman while Daddy pretended to be President Johnson and Miss Leslie (Rael's mom) babysat Wesley (Parker was at Angels). In the script, Rael had written "AJ" for Andrew Johnson for all of Daddy's lines, so we affectionately referred to today's project as the "AJ and Me Show!" After a few giggles at the start and one misspoken word (asians instead of artisans) we were able to get the interview on tape and transferred to DVD so Rael can turn it in tomorrow. Here's a serious clip of our interviewer and President Johnson. This is more or less what you could see on camera, except they were facing each other more.

And here's the picture that reveals the secrets of the set. President Johnson was only dressed up in "period clothes" from the waist up and he had his script on the music stand just off camera behind Miss Rael's shoulder. It was a four page script with tons of dates and details!

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