Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wesley's First Trip to the Pool

Since Daddy is out of school, we want to try and do more fun things with the boys at night after dinner. Daddy came up with the great idea of going to the community pool this evening and so that's what we did. It was Wesley's first time ever at the pool. Here's the boys in their matching swimsuits and also their swimshirts before heading over.

Wesley really enjoyed the water and was full of grins and giggles. He never fussed and even got into splashing the water with his hands.

Parker had a really good time also. He's tall enough now to stand up in the shallow end, but was hesitant to do it. Parker wanted to swim around without his water wings but wouldn't calm down enough to do it, so he ended up hanging onto the edge and going around the pool. Finally he agreed to put his water wings on and he did super, making several laps back and forth the length of the big pool. Here's a few pictures of all the guys hanging out in the water.

Finally we got changed in the locker rooms at the pool and here's a picture of Wesley all bundled up in his robe and towel trying to keep him warm!

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