Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Praise Reports!!!!!

1. Daddy's interview - He passed! Thanks for your prayers! He had a great interview. The committee thought his paperwork was sound (especially his theology work), and they complimented him on his ability to communicate and articulate his beliefs. They also said that his call to ministry and passion were very evident. So they recommended him to advance onto the conference board level. All Daddy needs to do is just retape his sermon to improve production quality and his delivery a bit (they felt he was a little stiff and he knew that). He has to send that back to the district by August 1 so they can look it over and give him comments before he sends everything onto the conference board by October 1. They just wanted to do this for him so that his sermon wouldn't be an issue come October. We are all definitely happy in this house tonight and Daddy is thankful to be past another hurdle in this process.

2. Wesley sleeping - Last night we stayed at the Days Inn in Port Charlotte, about 8 miles away from Daddy's interview site in Punta Gorda. We didn't get there until late and so it was about midnight before we could get the boys calmed down and into bed. Since Daddy's interview wasn't until 2pm, we figured on leaving the hotel right at checkout (11am) and going to get some lunch before heading over to the church and giving Daddy one last chance to look over his paperwork. We didn't set an alarm because Wesley's always up somewhere between 4-7am to get a bottle and we figured that he would be our alarm clock. So of course, this is the night he picked to sleep all the way through!!! Parker actually woke us up by crawling in bed with Mommy and Daddy at 10:15am!!!! First we checked to make sure that Wesley was ok and then it was a mad dash to get everyone up and dressed and packed up and out the door. We did it with 5 minutes to spare. Here's praying Wesley sleeps another 10 hours straight tonight!

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