Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

Another busy weekend in the Allen household! Started off with Corn Festival at church yesterday and Grandma came out to join us for that at church. Corn Festival is a big ham dinner with all the Zellwood corn you can eat. There's also an apple pie contest, crafts for sale and entertainment.
Parker ate two big huge ears of corn all by himself - he loves Corn Festival!

Afterwards we came home and packed up and headed to Seffner to stay with Grandmommy and Grandaddy. Then today Mommy got to preach at our home church in Seffner for Heritage Sunday celebrating 120 years! She also got the wonderful privilege of baptizing Aunt Dawn and the boys' cousins Kayla and Bethany. That was such a special treat.

There were lots of familiar faces at church today, many of whom came back special for Heritage Sunday, including some of Mommy's friends (Dee and Shana) and kids Mommy worked with in youth group (Samantha) and folks Mommy did a wedding for (Sarah). Here's Dee with her husband Stephen and their very handsome little boy named Noah. Noah is just 13 days old and following the tradition of his mother's name, his first name also spells out his initials!.

And here's Mommy with Dee - they're the same age and grew up in church together. They also spent several years in Girl Scouts together, with Dee's mom as the troop leader.

Finally here's Mommy with her friend Shana and her husband and children, daughter Autumn and son Austin. Austin is 8 months old and has had several surgeries already for some birth defects and needs to have some more, but he is such a happy little boy.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for baptizing the girls and I. It really meant a lot to my self and Daniel. Thank you. I see that your camera was the lucky camera to get really good pictures of the two group pictures any way that you can send them to the account again. Thank you again.
Love ya, Dawn