Monday, May 19, 2008

Looking Ahead

In looking at the calendar today we realized that the rest of this month is going to be awfully busy for us: Daddy's interview, a wedding in which Parker is the ringbearer, and three days of annual conference in Lakeland with Mommy's ordination (and a visit from Mommy's good friend Amy while we're there).

But first and foremost in our minds right now is Daddy's interview tomorrow with the Southwest District Committee on Ordained Ministry. These are the people who are going to decide if his paperwork is ready to be submitted on to the Conference Board in the fall which has to happen before he can be granted a job as a pastor next July after graduation next May. We're leaving tonight after Parker's karate class to go down to Punta Gorda for this interview. Daddy will have two rounds of interviews tomorrow afternoon, starting at 2pm and going on until about 4pm. We would very much appreciate your prayers for him - for peace in his spirit, for clarity of thought and for the ability to recall and articulate all the stuff he wrote about leadership and theology several months ago.

We leave you today with a couple of pictures. For some reason Parker decided to make a "carpet" (his word) over the blue tile in our foyer floor this morning. The "carpet" includes pillows from our couch, several of Wesley's blankets, Wesley' bumbo seat, Parker's CARS stool, most of Parker's car cases, some loose Matchbox cars, an Easter basket and a few other random things thrown in for good measure. Definitely interesting - you gotta love the way his mind works.

And then this afternoon, all that hard work plus all of the fun of yesterday caught up with Parker. He didn't want to nap in his room because he hates to miss out on anything that happens. So he ended up napping for over an hour on the couch.

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