Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Change - Refreshing and Exhausting

Today Mommy switched offices at work. There's a suite of three offices at the church - one for the administrative assistant (Jinny), one for the pastor and one for the business manager (David). Mommy's office was in the middle of the suite. There's a few reasons for the change: 1) Lately she's been freezing out in her office (having to wear a sweater and wrap a blanket around her) while David can't get cool enough even with a fan in his office. 2) The old business office is slightly larger and will give Mommy a conference table to use when doing counseling with people. 3) It should stop people who visit Jinny in the office from just popping their head right around the corner into Mommy's office for that famous five minutes that's never just five minutes.

We've been talking about switching the offices for a while now. The main thing that has stopped Mommy is all the stuff that she's accumulated, especially books! David and Jinny finally talked Mommy into it (they threatened to do it themselves while we were on vacation next month) and so we had a whole crew of volunteers who showed up at the church to help today. And in one day, Mommy's office is completely moved - including computer up and running, knick-knacks placed and pictures all hung on the wall.




Even Mr. Parker who cannot stand change decided that he liked Mommy's new office and seemed right at home.

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped out today: Daddy, Rael, Jinny, David, Donna, Wendy, Sue and Samantha! You guys were super fast and it turned out great!

Here's a picture of Wesley that sums up how everyone felt at the end of the day!

(Rael definitely deserved this snuggling time because
Wesley had peed all over her earlier in the afternoon!)

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