Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Middle of the Week Reflections

Karate Camp - Parker has had fun at karate camp so far this week. Tuesday's theme was an "Unbirthday Party." Every child had to bring in a wrapped gift (no more than five dollars) for a gift swap. This concept was hard to explain to Parker, because when he saw the toy Mommy bought he wanted to keep it for himself. Daddy tried to explain to him that he would get something cool in return, but Parker was suspicious. Personally, we were a little nervous ourselves, knowing how these gift things sometimes work out. But all was well on Tuesday afternoon because Parker came home with a Spiderman magnetic dartboard that he was very excited about.

Today's theme was Arts and Crafts. The kids all had a pretty good time making several different crafts, including a little toilet paper roll karate man. Parker was especially proud of his choo-choo train that he made with Sensei Tony and the lizard.

Best Friends - Parker had an especially good time on Tuesday evening this week because he got to go to the VBS meeting at church with Mommy and play with Aydenn. Aydenn's family has been out of town for the last two weeks visiting family and Parker has definitely been missing his best buddy. Usually there's a period of shyness when these two get together, but not this time! Even after the meeting they boys got to play outside some more while the mommies talked and tried to catch up! Before we left the church, Parker and Aydenn were both making plans to try and get together again "tomorrow."

More Cleaning at Church - Today Daddy and Miss Rael came back in the afternoon and helped Mommy do some more summer cleaning at church. Today we worked in Covert Hall, cleaning out Daddy's Sunday school classroom (that Rael will also use for VBS), rearranging the storage room and cleaning/moving the sound system cabinet. Daddy even found a wireless mike and set it up to work with the system, for which we are most grateful and excited about! More cleaning to come, but we're going to take a much deserved break for a while.

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The Allen's said...

HAPPY Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Aunt Debbie Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Okay Birthday Girl you have to share your secret...How did you get the Live traffic feed?? I love it. It showes who views your page. Please tell..

P.S. Sorry about the last comment I posted the other day I was half a sleep. Question was could I get copies of the pictures that you took when we stop by on Friday (mulch day).

Thanks, Love ya.