Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Friday

Today was Parker's field trip from Angels to the Florida Aquarium. He was well behaved and had a really good time riding on the bus and singing songs with his friends. Parker enjoyed the Aquarium because he loves to look at fish and other animals. What made the biggest impressions on him today were getting to see the sharks and the alligators and getting to play in the Aquarium's play area. And he loved the gold "bouillon" coin he got to bring home as a souvenir. Since we weren't with him to get any pictures of today, we looked on our computer for some from our last trip. All we could find was this one picture taken back in 2006 when Parker was 2. He's sitting inside one of the big shells in the play area.

Tonight Mommy went to Faith Croppers at church - the new scrapbooking club that started this year. She's still working on a album detailing the years of growing up with Daddy at church, then the years of dating and engagement, and finally the wedding. Fortunately with the help of her friends she's done more on it in the last two months than in the last two years. Here's some of the pages that she worked on tonight.

While Mommy was at church, Miss Leslie and Rael came up to drop off a bunch of clothes for her (there's almost 100 pieces here!) These had been given to Leslie and didn't quite fit her, so she thought Mommy would like them. Mommy's only tried on about half of the clothes so far but quite a few things have fit. And this is really nice stuff - Ann Taylor Loft, New York and Co, Liz Claiborne and Tommy Hilfiger. Many thanks to Leslie for passing these clothes along!

And when Mommy got home from the church, she found Aunt Dawn and Uncle Daniel and the kids were already there. They drove up from Seffner to bring a truckload of mulch for us. This was the last of the mulch created when they had two big trees taken down on their property. We were going to bag up some their mulch last Sunday when we went home for Father's Day, but it rained and soaked it all before we could get to it. We were in desperate need of mulch for our flowerbeds and this truckload will help immensely - many thanks!

Aunt Dawn got lots of snuggle time with Wesley.

The kids got out Parker's wheelbarrow and yard tools to help the big guys.

Micah observed the action from his perch on the truck roof.

All finished! - Parker stands atop the pile behind our front wall in the yard.

Later the kids had fund playing on the backporch with all of Parker's toys. When it got to be Wesley's bedtime, the trio of 4 year olds volunteered to help Mommy give Wesley a bath. He seemed perplexed by all the little hands trying to help him out!

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You're most welcome. The kids sure did have a lot of fun and look so cute helping out. Any way you I get get copies.. please. Thank you.