Thursday, June 19, 2008

Interesting Stuff

School Today - Angels had scheduled a field trip tomorrow to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa for those who missed the zoo trip. Since a couple of kids backed out, we found out this morning that there is now room for Parker. So he's off to see the Aquarium again tomorrow and is excited beyond belief about getting to ride the bus again! When we picked Parker up this afternoon from Angels we found him with a bag of ice on his head - he and another little boy had been playing with a ball and Parker ended up with a big bump on his head.

New Sneakers - After Angels we went to WalMart. Not only did Wesley need diapers, wipes and formula, but Parker also needed new sneakers. His Lightning McQueen shoes that we got in October are getting worn out, getting too tight and have a horrible odor that never seems to go away. So Parker picked out these cool new shoes with "diggers" on them (his word for bulldozers). He loves them because they light up; we love them because they were only $10! Our growing boy is now up to a size 9 in shoes.

New Train Setup - We've noticed that lately Parker hasn't been playing with the elaborate setup of trains that took up over half of the floor space on the living room floor. That added to the fact that Wesley now rolls all over the floor and often into the train tracks meant we needed to come up with something else for the trains. So yesterday Daddy went out and found this three drawer plastic cabinet for Parker's train pieces. All the track and trains fit in here plus some of the smaller add-ons and we've stacked up the bigger pieces next to it. Apparently we were stifling the boy's creativity because last night and tonight, Parker has gotten out a bunch of train pieces to make his own designs and then very agreeably put everything away before bedtime. In fact he's commented both nights that he "loves these drawers Daddy got for me." So now Wesley has space to roll during the day when Bubby isn't home and Parker has room to be creative at night. Here's a look at tonight's train fun. Note the TV in the second picture - we're watching Thomas the Train while playing with trains of course!

And a Blast from the Past - Rowdies Soccer is coming back to Tampa! Remember the old saying? "The Rowdies are.... a kick in the grass! Both Mommy and Daddy loved the old Rowdies when we were kids. In Mommy's family we went several years to watch the Rowdies play on July 4th and then watch the fireworks afterwards from the old Tampa Stadium. It appears that a new minor league soccer team will be coming to Tampa and is going to have the name Rowdies as well as the old green and gold color scheme (which fits in well here since that's the colors at USF).

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Who don't remember the Rowdie's... Go team Go!