Monday, June 30, 2008

"I Winned! I Beated My Daddy!"

That was the chorus that echoed through our house on Sunday afternoon, screamed out loud from a beaming preschooler: "I Winned! I Beated My Daddy!" For on Sunday, after a much deserved nap, Parker woke up to decide that he wanted to play a board game. In our game closet, he found something called NFL-opoly and asked Daddy to play with him. This game is a lot like Monopoly except you deal in NFL teams and players. So Daddy read the rules, they set it up, and remarkably Parker sat still with Daddy and followed the rules of the board game. That in itself is huge, because usually Parker makes up his own game rules and insists that you follow them. However, the most amazing part of this fun game playing was that Parker not only played by the rules but that he also totally beat Daddy!

Notice that on Parker's side of the board he has a stack of money left as well as many team and player cards. Then notice that on the other side of the board, Daddy is bankrupt, has very few teams and players and has had to mortgage every single one.

And here's our sad Daddy hamming up his loss for the boy!

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