Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Tonight and Mommy came home to find that Daddy had made chili for dinner. It had been in the crockpot most of the afternoon and was definitely yum, yum! And after that great dinner, the whole family cleaned up and then headed over to the pool for some more swim time. This makes two nights in a row that we've gotten to head over to the community pool with the boys. Parker is getting braver with each trip and now is back to jumping off the side into the pool. His favorite thing tonight was to get Wesley to watch while he did some kind of funny kicks in the air as he jumped into the pool. And Wesley still absolutely loves to be in the water. From the moment he gets in the pool, his hands start splashing and the feet start moving. He laughs and smiles when Bubby jumps into the pool. Can't wait to take them to the beach in July!

Here's a picture of Wesley from yesterday.

The little stinker doesn't crawl, but scoots and rolls his body all around and manages to get off his blanket on the floor and get all turned around. Here he is coming out from under the futon in Daddy's office after starting out on a blanket in the middle of the floor.

And since it's bedtime here right now, we close with a picture of Wesley headed off to dreamland.

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