Thursday, June 12, 2008

Terrific Thursday

Here's a video Daddy made today while home with Wesley. He is such a happy baby. The silliest things make him laugh and his laughter is contagious.

Then today when Mommy went to pickup Parker at Angels, he was given a sticker - just a tiny one with a dinosaur footprint on it. He insisted it was for Wesley, refused to wear it so the sticky wouldn't wear off, and very carefully held it until we got home. He decided that it belonged on Wesley's forehead as you can see in the picture. Wesley managed to leave it on for several hours.

Also note the Gator onesie in the picture. Parker insisted on changing his clothes when he got home from school into his Gator outfit so that he and Wesley could match and "be friends." Parker even put on his Gator socks.

Finally here's our big boy making toast, and putting the butter on (we do help!). This has become one of his favorite snacks. He is definitely becoming a bottomless pit these days. For dinner tonight he had two helpings of mac and cheese, two helpings of sausage, and a big helping of green beans. Then between dinner and bedtime our "starving" boy managed to polish off a fruit cup and three pieces of toast with butter! Any spare food in your pantry would be greatly appreciated!!!

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