Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff from the Allens

Monday - Rael babysat the boys while Daddy and Mommy went to see the movie "Prince Caspian" (part of her Mother's Day present). Wesley decided to have some fun with her and peed all over himself and the changing table and the wall while she was trying to change his diaper! We were also pretty nervous about how Parker would do with someone else taking him to karate, but apparently we are the problem that makes him shy at class because he did super with Miss Leslie!

Tuesday - Mommy tried to get up from her desk at work and somehow tripped over a desk drawer that was out slightly. She went flying into the floor (thin carpet over concrete) and really bruised her knees up good! Thankfully Mommy wasn't alone at work and Jinny (her wonderful administrative assistant) and Donna (head of Trustees) helped her up and got her some ice.

Today - We got a new digital camera today in the mail - the Canon Power Shot SD870 IS . We had wanted to upgrade our camera before the big trip in January but didn't want to spend the money. So we were thrilled when one of our credit cards had this listed in the rewards catalog and we found out we qualified. We tried it out a little today and are thrilled with the picture quality.

This was Parker standing on the futon checking us out in the yard! One of the problems with our old camera was that you couldn't see the viewscreen when out in sunlight; but this viewscreen is much bigger and easy to see even in sunlight.

Here's Wesley patiently waiting his turn tonight for a bath. Parker is now insisting on washing himself and we just sit and watch to make sure he gets everything.

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