Monday, June 9, 2008

Putt Putt Adventure

A couple of weeks ago, Congo River Adventure Golf opened up on US19 in town. Now Parker has never played putt-putt, although he has smacked a golf ball around at his friend Aydenn's house (he's got a toy golf set). So today for a special treat we closed out a few errands by stopping by to play putt-putt. The weather threatened while we were out there, but it didn't start sprinkling good until we hit hole 16.
Parker had a blast and celebrated whenever he finally got the ball in the hole. Sometimes he was quite good, hitting par twice (on par 2 holes) and at other times it took him 15+ strokes to get the ball in. But he loved it and is already asking when can we go back. Not sure that Wesley enjoyed his experience as much, but at least he got to ride around in the shade!

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