Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beach Vacation - Part One

Sorry for the lack of blogging, but we have very much been enjoying our relaxing vacation at the beach. We're back at Crescent Towers again this year, upstairs this time in a very updated unit (the kitchen and bathroom are especially nice!). And we have been joined by Grandmommy and Granddaddy, who are directly downstairs from us (this helps us not have to worry so much about little feet running and disturbing the neighbors).

Parker has talked about coming back to Crescent Towers ever since we left last year. Every time we have packed to go anywhere, he wanted to know if we were headed back to the beach. So he was definitely excited when we got here on Saturday. He's enjoying the beach - throwing the water ball and football around near the shore and getting out in the waves with his arm floaties and little surfboard. He's also enjoying his new mask and snorkel. But his biggest thrill has been building sandcastles.

Wesley has definitely enjoyed vacation so far. He likes the sand on his hands/feet and tries to eat the sand and seashells. And he's so comfortable out in the waves that he always falls asleep and takes his morning nap against someone's shoulder in the water or in a raft. Up in the pool, he's constantly trying to float on his back and he also loves to play "jump" into the water. While Bubby has been collecting some seashells as souvenirs, Wesley's biggest souvenir from vacation so far seems to be a new tooth that's started popping through the gum up top.

Here's a few other pictures from so far this week.

Bubby makes a splash - "Wesley, pay attention and watch me!"

Parker makes a new friend, Caleb from Tennessee.

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