Friday, July 18, 2008

VBS - Day Five

Our last day of VBS. Our theme today was "Believe" and the Bible story was about the disciple Thomas who wanted to see the resurrected Jesus before believing (Daddy got to play Thomas). Our Bible verse for the day was: "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed" (John 20:9b). It's been a good week. Surprisingly we had an average of 40 kids with quite a few from the church and also from the karate school and community.

Here's a few more pictures from yesterday and today with the boys. You can tell the ones from yesterday with Parker, because he still had hair! In fact his haircut made him almost unrecognizable to several people today, including our Music Director George.

(That's Miss Becky, Parker's Sunday school teacher)

We're headed out in a bit to the closing program for VBS, where Mommy will talk to Flame the Flamingo some more and the kids will sing all the songs they learned this week. We promise to update later about how the program went, but aren't sure when we will get to that. Because today we're also working on packing for our vacation to Crescent Towers on Siesta Key Beach since we depart in the morning! We leave you right now with a picture of the beautiful sunsets on the beach.

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