Monday, August 18, 2008

Class of 2022

Even though he's been going to God's Little Angels Enrichment Center since last October, today was his very first official day of pre-kindergarten (VPK) there. And yes, he picked out his own outfit and dressed himself! The whole family got up and got dressed and drove him into school for his "big" day.

Being in VPK means that Parker's moved to the "Big Kid" room at Angels and that Miss Holly, the director, is now his teacher. It also means that he will go to school five days a week from 9am-noon, instead of Tues-Fri throughout the day. We have been informed by Mr. Parker that "it's not appropriate to pick kids up before naps and getting to play outside in the afternoon." But he is excited about having more playtime in the afternoons at home with Wesley (not sure yet how the little guy feels about this turn of events!).

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