Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

So over the weekend we kept watching the forecasts about Tropical Storm Fay and how she was supposed to turn into a hurricane and hit the Tampa Bay area head on. So we started getting ready in case of a storm - filled up on gas in both vehicles, stocked up on some food, water and especially batteries. Parker was wondering about all these weather reports, so Mommy explained that a hurricane was a really big, big, big, big storm. Parker's reaction? "Oh, that is SO not good Mommy!" Then he proceeded to go find Wesley and let him know about what was happening and why it was "SO not good."

Mommy was supposed to drive to Orlando today for a training in how to mentor Daddy for his fall internship. But because of the unpredictable path of the storm, that was cancelled. Pasco County schools made the decision to close for today, so no VPK for Parker. Because of that decision last night, Mommy called up the church staff and told them not to come in today either. And with all of those preparations, Tropical Storm Fay ending up hitting land south of Naples and the Tampa Bay area hardly got a rainstorm. So we used the day to catch up on some sleep and spend some time coaching Wesley (with shoes and socks on) trying to stand and take a few steps with his walker toy.

This would have been Wesley's first big storm (don't misunderstand - we're quite content to put that milestone off for a while!) The year that Parker was born we'd already experienced three hurricanes before he was six months old (2004 was the year of Frances, Ivan and Jeanne) and lost power several times. We ended up having to put Parker in the jumper to keep him entertained.

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