Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mr. Non-Sequitur

Car conversations with Parker go something like this:

* Why is that man not wearing a shirt? He's going to get in trouble for that. But he's good because he's wearing a helmet. (man in the next lane riding a motorcycle)
* I don't like the color brown that they painted our signs (in the neighborhood). They should put them back to green. We can come with green paint and put them back.
* Why aren't they done building that bank yet? How much more do they have left?
* Why is the NASCAR logo on that gas station over there? Do they sell gas for race cars?
* Are we in Hudson yet? I want to be in Hudson. Is it a big town or a small town? Does Aydenn live in Hudson?
* Can Aydenn come to my birthday party? When is my next birthday? I want to bring cupcakes to school. Landen had white cupcakes at school today.
* Why is Albertson's closing its doors forever? I don't want them to do that. What will they do with their race car carts?
*Didn't we just go to Sam's on the Beach with Aydenn? When can we go again? I like that place and eating outside at a table.
* Why won't those other cars go faster? I want to get home to Wesley and show him what I made during school today.

Parker talks just about non-stop unless he's asleep (and even then we're pretty sure he dreams about talking!). In the car he's pretty constant with questions and comments that jump quickly from one subject to the other, many times without any clue of a connection between subjects except inside his little mind. Used to be that the CARS soundtrack would buy us some peace and quiet in the car but lately he's started asking questions over the CARS music - just stops in the middle of singing a song to start jabbering on about something he has seen or remembered. Definitely keeps the drive to and from Angels from getting boring!

Oh and we wanted to give another sleep update for Wesley. Please keep up all the good prayers because it's working. Wednesday night he slept from 10:30pm to 8am without a peep. We are so thankful!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me look up
Non-Sequitur. I haven't heard this latin phrase in the past. Mea Culpa.