Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Tidings

Vandals at Church - Now I ask you, do these two preschoolers look like vandals to you?

That was the theory circulating around the church briefly when the House Angel came into clean the women's bathroom adjacent to the conference room on Saturday morning. Because she found all the stall doors locked from the inside! Parker and Aydenn apparently had a little too much fun while the Mommies were scrapbooking in the conference room on Friday night. When we tried to explain to Parker why that was a bad thing, he insisted that there were plenty of other potties for people to use over in the men's bathroom.

Wesley Sleeping -
It worked! He sleeps through the night! We are so excited! Last night we put the boys back to sleep in their room together, but Parker had more trouble than Wesley did in sharing a room. He didn't appreciate the music Wesley likes and kept crawling out of bed to complain. So we're staggering their bedtimes tonight and hoping that works better. Wesley is already down for the count.

Brothers Playing - Wesley is officially crawling on his hands and knees now and going lightning fast across the floor, following Parker back and forth across the house from room to room. Wesley is much more interested now in playing with Parker's toys, so Parker is learning how to share (sort of) with his little brother. On Monday morning, Parker set up a little train layout for Wesley and gave him one train piece to roll around the track.

Family Birthday Party - This weekend we got together again with Daddy's family to celebrate two more family birthdays, this time for Grannie (81) and Aunt Dawn (25). Happy Birthday!

Snuggling with Granddaddy.

Wesley really enjoyed Aunt Dawn's presents.

The cousins had a blast with games. How do you play Upwords when you're 4 and can't really spell? You stack up all the tiles and then squeal with delight as you knock the big tower down!

Later we were visited by wild animals who took up residence under the pool table!

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