Monday, August 11, 2008

Sports Overload?

We've been enjoying a sports filled weekend in our house: Rays baseball late at night (since they were playing the Mariners out west), the first Bucs preseason game on Saturday (which we won!) and of course the Olympics!!! We've tried explaining the concept of the Olympics to Parker, but really all he understands is that it's a bunch of different sports and we're supposed to cheer for the USA. Parker does seem to be enjoying it all though; his favorite phrase was "Wow, that was in-cred-i-ble!"

Mommy and Daddy have a special soft spot for the Olympics because it was during a trip to the Olympics in Atlanta back in 1996 that we started dating again. We were both chaperones for the youth group from Seffner. The whole group stayed outside of town in a house belonging to our pastor's in-laws and we took the MARTA into town (some of the kids had never seen, let alone ridden a subway and we had one that really freaked out about it!). While we couldn't afford tickets to any of the big main events, we were able to see some of the preliminary rounds of men's volleyball, which were fun! We also managed to get to some of the other tourist attractions, like the Coke Museum and Stone Mountain (great fireworks at night!).

We also had the distinction of being in town while the bomb went off in Centennial Olympic Park - a destination we were going to visit, but obviously had to miss. Later Daddy went back on a business trip with Best Buy to look up the brick in the Olympic Park that the youth group had purchased to commemorate our trip.

So we're really enjoying all these sporting events in our house, especially the Olympics! And thanks to our Verizon FIOS, we have about four different channels to watch with all kinds of Olympic coverage. Right now we're enjoying the swimming (go Michael Phelps!), diving, gymnastics and volleyball (go May-Treanor/Walsh!) and Daddy's waiting patiently for the track and field events to start.

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