Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Aydenn Meetings"

Whenever Mommy goes to church at night for a meeting, Parker wants to know if it's an "Aydenn meeting" or not. "Aydenn meetings" mean that Parker can go to church with Mommy and spend time hanging out and playing with his best buddy Aydenn because Aydenn's Mommy Stacee will also be there. Tonight was an "Aydenn meeting" as we adults were discussing the upcoming Pumpkin Patch season. During the actual meeting, the boys played in the hallway outside the conference room with Parker's "diggers" (bulldozers and other construction vehicles), as well as crayons and paper and their interesting little imaginations. During the chit-chat after the meeting, the boys ended up inside the conference room and rearranged all of the chairs into a big L-shaped line that they called a jungle gym. They ran from one side of the room to the other on the chairs, hopping over chair arms when necessary and then making one big huge leap off the chairs onto the floor at the end!

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