Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sleep Problems

The ups and downs (literally) of trying to get two kids to sleep thru the night in the same room!

On Tuesday afternoon, we took Parker's bunkbed apart - and put his bed on the floor! It looks like some kind of weird furniture sale in the boys' room right now. This was because Parker continued to get out of bed in the night and wake up his brother in the process - going up and down the stairs of the bunkbed makes too much noise. And once Wesley wakes up and stands to see Parker leaving him, the screaming quickly becomes hysterical and it's a while before anyone goes back to sleep.

Parker knew in advance that the bed would come down if he couldn't manage to stay up there to sleep. He's sad right now. But five nights of staying in his bed and not waking his brother up will earn him back his bed in the sky. He made night 1 with no problem on Tuesday night. We're just praying the streak continues tonight.

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