Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Fives

1. More sleep trouble with Parker. He had two nights under his belt and then blew it last night. On top of that when he tried to crawl in bed with us, he attempted to turn on the nightstand lamp. In the process, he knocked over one of Daddy's collectible Bugs Bunny plates and it broke into several pieces.

2. Wesley continues to cruise along the furniture and gets into everything! He especially loves to be right by Bubby and be playing with his toys. But now, when Bubby plays a little rough, Wesley gives it back and crawls over Parker.

3. Both the boys are eating like there is no tomorrow! Parker eats constantly from the time he gets up until the time he goes to bed. He eats like a horse at meals and then in between meals he's constantly asking for snacks. Wesley has started eating two jars of food at every meal plus handfuls of puff stars, dried fruit, Cheerios and little cut-up pieces of meat... plus still drinking several bottles of formula.

4. Mommy spent the evening with the boys at scrapbooking and got a whopping 13 pages done! Parker and Aydenn got to play (and for some reason Parker decided to color all over his arms with blue marker). Wesley sat happily in the playyard for a long time with a bunch of toys and then got held for a while by Miss Shirley and Miss Wendy. We tried to put Cheyenne in the playyard too, but she didn't appreciate Wesley stealing her binky again! It was Jean's birthday and so we made sure to celebrate with cake! Daddy spent the evening over at the Reverons with Errick and Joey playing Halo and talking.

5. No big plans for the weekend, except watching lots of sports. We're praying the Rays pull out of their recent losing streak.

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