Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Days

Today was Daddy's first day back at school in Orlando with two classes: Understanding Discipleship and Mentored Ministry. Mentored Ministry is his internship (eight hours a week at Faith) and he has a reflection group of other interns that meets on campus. Daddy was not looking forward to going back to classes (mostly because of the drive), but the only thing that made him feel even a little bit better is to know that this is his last fall semester of school.... ever!!!!!

The boys (and Mommy) woke up when Daddy got up and got ready at 5:45am. Eventually Mommy got the boys back to sleep and then overslept her own alarm clock. It was rush, rush to get Parker and Wesley up and ready and get Parker off to school (we were a few minutes late!) Then Wesley came to hang out with Mommy in the church office while Bubby was in school. After picking up Parker, we came home and grabbed some lunch and then started working on Parker's homework.

That's right.... Parker has homework. At Angels today during pickup, Mommy was given a 14-page packet of papers that have to be completed at home and then turned back in at school by September 15. These are to help reinforce the concepts being learned at school and give us a chance to see how Parker is doing. There will be two big homework packets due each month.
Parker was actually excited about getting to do homework like Daddy (if only he knew what lies ahead!). At the kitchen table this afternoon, Parker and Mommy worked on 4.5 pages of his homework, mostly on the concepts of shorter/taller, writing numbers and counting objects. Writing the numbers by himself was a little frustrating because Parker wanted them to all be perfect, so we only did half that sheet and moved on to something else.

Here's proud Parker showing off his completed homework:

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