Friday, September 26, 2008

Here We Go Again

Tonight was supposed to be the VPK Open House at Angels so that we could see all the cool projects that Parker has made so far. We were excited because the Open House had originally been scheduled on a Thursday night when Mommy would have been leading Bible Study and Daddy would have still been driving home from Orlando.

However, when Mommy went to drop Parker off at Angels this morning, there was a big note taped to one of the windows next to the front door. Never a good sign! The note was from the Chair of the Board of Directors for Angels, written to inform everyone that the daycare portion of Angels would be closing on Friday, October 17. There are going to "attempt to keep the VPK program operational" and move it up to one of the main education buildings at the church. But there are no final details on how this will work and who will teach that class. And of course with all of this going on, they cancelled the Open House. I guess they didn't want to confront a bunch of parents when they don't have a lot of answers.

This is just such sad news for us. October 5th will mark one year since we had to close the doors of Noah's Landing and now Angels will close as well. We feel bad for the church at First Hudson because we know the pain of having to make that difficult decision and let staff go and disappoint families. And we feel bad for Parker that he might have to change schools again. We haven't said anything to him yet and we probably won't until we know a few more details. We did tell him that something happened and they had to cancel the Open House. He was sad because he really wanted to show us all his cool projects at school. Please keep us in your prayers.

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