Saturday, September 27, 2008

Naps in Weird Places

So the weirdest reputed place that Daddy ever fell asleep as a child was in the cafeteria line at Morrison's restaurant. He leaned up against the wall and fell asleep and kind of slid down the wall while in line.

Here's Parker's weirdest spot so far:

Friday afternoon Parker was helping Daddy outside with mowing the lawn. He came in for a drink and then went back outside (Mommy thought he was still helping; Daddy thought he had stayed in the house). Later on we found him sound asleep on the gray mat on our garage floor. Parker had pulled his school blanket, pillow and bear out of the laundry pile, covered up and went right to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think that Parker and Aydenn were destined to bebest buddies after seeing this picture! Aydenn has the same, exact blanket! I showed him the picture and he got so excited and laughed saying, "Hey! That's just wike my bwanket!!"