Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Festival

Today was the Fall Festival at church. Parker and Wesley were "sort of" free range children out on the grounds, with lots of church folks at all the different booths and stations keeping an eye out for them. They had a blast!!!! We had some arts and crafts booths, a bake sale, entertainment, barbeque pork lunch, face painting, bobbing for apples with the Boy Scouts, and of course the pumpkin patch. The Patch is running low on pumpkins after today with over $2,000 in pumpkin sales!

Wesley especially enjoyed himself in the Patch with all the pumpkins. Here's some of his photo shoot from the day:

And of course the big boys wanted to get in on the picture action too!

Parker took some time out to give more rides through the Patch.

During cleanup, the boys and Miss Rael found a way to entertain themselves with the piles of ice from the coolers. (By the way, Miss Rael had a district swim meet today and took 10 seconds off her 500m individual time and took first place in her heat!!!!!!)

Tired parents after a long day!

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