Friday, October 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

Last night, Mommy and Daddy went to another concert with church friends, Skip Drury and Jim Bath. Daddy had to rush to the concert from Orlando after school, but Mommy rode down with the guys and Skip generously offered to let her drive his new Prius, which was very cool. The concert this time was Australian Pink Floyd. Daddy is a huge Pink Floyd fan and was very excited about this! They performed The Wall, complete with laser lights and the movie portions on the screen. And then afterwards they did a mix of other Floyd songs. According to Daddy, they sounded pretty much like the real deal, and boy did they put on a show!!!! Miss Fran babysat the kids at home and they had a blast together.

Then this evening Grandaddy came to pickup Daddy for a trip to the Men's Retreat at Leesburg. He came bearing the boys' Halloween gifts and they had fun unpacking everything together.

Tomorrow is the Fall Festival at church, so Mommy and the boys will be there pretty much all day. We still have to alter Parker's costume a bit for Sunday night's Trunk N Treat and figure out how to setup the van. But the candy is all purchased!!!!

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