Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fives

1. So today was Parker's last day at Angels. We went again as a family to pick him up and to say goodbye to all of his teachers and friends (Justus will be joining him soon at the new center). Plus we picked up all of his records and the projects that he's made so far in VPK.

2. Monday will be Parker's first day at Kids At The Point. His choice between the two schools was La Petite (or Apple Tree as he called it). But then on Thursday he went with Mommy to drop off all of his enrollment forms at the school and parked in front of The Point was the Jungle Bus. This is a big school bus painted up with a jungle theme. All the seats have been taken out and stuff for gymnastics has been put inside. The bus will come to The Point every Thursday and for a small monthly fee we can sign Parker up for this, similar to Stretch n Grow at Angels. Now Parker seems to be ok about the switch (thank God for the Jungle Bus!). And everyone we've told so far about the switch has nothing but good things to say about Kids At The Point.

3. Today the older two "mans" mowed the lawn and washed both our vehicles. We especially needed to get the Malibu washed as Uncle Daniel wrote "Go Packers" in the dirt on our bumper the other night. Here's Parker trying to erase the bad team off our bumper.

4. Wesley got a chance to explore outside today too after he woke up from his nap. The "no, no, no" is directed at his attempts to eat a leaf off the driveway; this kid will eat anything!!!!!!!

5. How 'bout them Rays? Could you hear the screaming from our house tonight? Parker and Daddy were yelling loud for the home town team. We're so proud of them being up two games in the playoffs!!!!

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